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  • Tired of paying high energy bills? See if solar is right for you.

Here at Elite Solar we site and install residential solar electrical systems Nation Wide. We provide homeowners with the best expertise to come up with solutions that meet their needs. We work with some of the top vendors in the industry such as Vivint, Palmetto, Sunnova, Sigora and Empire Solar Group to design and build our systems 

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We will handle every step of the solar panel planning and installation process to ensure going solar is fast, simple and easy. Our team works hard to make sure customers receive every tax credit, grant and solar renewable energy credit they are entitled to. We make innovation in solar easy! We take pride in providing a fitting solution for your home. Book a no obligation appointment with one of our energy experts for a consultation. We create a personalized quote for your home designed to reduce your energy bill and your carbon foot print.

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